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Marcello Madonna Collection


Welcome to my personal Madonna Collection site!

I'm a collector from Brazil of Madonna items, more than 25 years collecting, with 1325 amazing collectible items cataloged here, and keep working! including cds, vinyls, rare memorabilia, boxes, flexi discs, laserdiscs, rare 3”cds, books, magazines, etc, with lot of detailed information for each item, some of them with *articles* included, and more than 5000 pictures that you can enjoy!


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Marcello (from Brazil)




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Like a Fanzine Magazine:  #1(Fall 1990, Vol-1, Issue-1)

Like a Fanzine Magazine:  #2(Winter 1990, Vol-1, Issue-2)

ICON Magazine: #3 (Spring 1991, Vol-1, Issue-3),

ICON Magazine: #4 (Summer 1991, Vol-1, Issue-4),

ICON Bookwork: #50,#51,#52,#53(2010)

10” Sex Book series, Picture Disc, MAD-10, Orlake

10” Dick Tracy series, Picture Disc, MAD-10-1, Orlake

12" White Heat , Picture, Red, Orange, WX55 925413

12" Erotica, Picture, USA, 9362-40801-1, PRO-PD-5640

12" Debut, Picture, Germany, 2007, 92-3867-P

12” Hung Up, UK, Promo Discoball, SAM01081

12"  Over And Over , Blue, Yellow, 92 0457-0

12" True Blue, Blue, New Zealand

12" This is ...Nothin' But, Vinyl, Japan

12" Debut, Yellow, 92-3867-1

12" Ardiendo, Pink Marble, Spain, 1983, MS 92 9715-0

12” Secreto, Picture, Mexico

CD All Right Copenhagen! 2010, Booze Records, BBR CD 89917

CD Original Sin, TSP-CD-482/3, The Swingin' Pig, Tel Aviv 2012

CD Sticky & Sweet Tour Live in Sao Paulo, subpop 45 487

CD Special DJ Remixes Volume 1

CD Celebration FCJ Megamix

DVD Live À L'Olympia, Paris 2012, The Satanic Pig, TSP20120726

DVD Sticky & Sweet (4x-box), WLR, Wonderland

DVD En Barcelona, Apocalypse Now, AS085

DVD Maximum Erotica (double)

Box Set Madonna (Special Club Edition), Sweden, 15-7040

Box Set Like A Prayer, UK, 1989, promotional only

Book x-STaTIC PRO-CESS by Steven Klein

Books Madonna The Eighties, The Nineties, The Millennium

Memorabilia Mini Cooper American Life Camouflage

Memorabilia Mini Cooper American Life Red

Memorabilia Sex Party Invitation

Laserdisc Snake Eyes, 1943321, France, Delta Video